Troon North Golf Club

With accolades that have been accumulating for years, Troon North is definitely one of Arizona’s best known courses and for good reason.  Not only does it have one top rated golf course, it actually has two making it a great place to play 36 holes in a day.  Both 18’s are well regarded.  In fact, several years ago, the 9’s were switched around and the old front nine of the original course was combined with one of the newer 9’s to make up what is now the Monument course. 

The courses are not necessarily easy for a high handicapper, but they are actually very playable and fair for most players if they play the right set of tees.  Most landing areas have some room for error although some holes offer plenty of trouble around the greens.  The greens are all very good with plenty of contour but not many overly dramatic tiers to make them more difficult than they should be.

Although there have certainly been a number of homes built in the area over the years, the courses are still very scenic and course conditions are always a priority for the Troon Golf property.

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